Dansk was founded in 1954 by principal designer, Jens Quistgaard, and is rooted in mid-century Scandinavian design with a modern style that lasts. Our clean, perfectly crafted style has been the ideal for functionality and aesthetic. We celebrate bold, colorful moments in every day life. Here are the top four qualities we stand for with each Dansk product.


The material speaks for itself through careful craftsmanship. We use only the highest quality materials from the earth and our products are developed by masters of their trade who are devoted to their craft.


We admire simplicity and functionality with a focus on design, not decoration. We believe sometimes the absence of something says more. We always aim to artfully complement spaces, moments and experiences.

Iconic Style

We value creativity, artistic expression and attention to detail. We love neutrals and, at the same time, pops of vibrant color. With our history of iconic designs, we always aim to create something uniquely Dansk.


There is importance in maintaining a human quality when creating something masterful. With Dansk product, your table, kitchen and home become works of art.

What You Can Get From Dansk